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Act-O-Pain Gel is an Ayurvedic formulated pain relief gel with scientifically proven ingredients and it is a powerful multi-action topical appication which gives the user instant relief from body pain associated with back,neck,shoulder and arthiric knee. It is also highly effective for chronic pains like Arthritis.
        Gandhpura Oil-15%:
        Acute Rhumatism,Sciatic and Neuralgia.It is very useful for local Inflummatory         Swelling,Neuralgic Pain and Swelling and Stiffness of Joint.
        External use of Menthol provides relief from pain.It is believed that the presence of Calcium         Antogonism in menthol helps to remove pain from affected area. It is also cooling in nature         thus provide Refrigerant affects.It also helps to reduce Swelling.
        Nirgundi Oil-5%:
        Nirgundi Oil is very good Relaxant Pain Reliefing hebs it is useful in Rhemumatide and Osteo         Artharities.
        Tarpentine Oil-5%:
        Acts on Joint pain,Muscle pain and Nerves pain.
        Nilgiri Oil-4%:
        Nilgiri Oil is also known as Eucalyptus Oil.It is used in analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory         nature Rhumatism,Lumbago Sprained Ligamends,Tendons and Nerves Pain.
        Ajwain is very useful in inflammation,Rhumumatide and osteo Arthirities.
        Guggul Satva-2%:
        Guggul Satva is useful in joint and Muscular Skeletal pain.



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